Watch NETFLIX and play XBOX ONE while getting a haircut!

20 South Broad Street

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Est. 2009



for     little ones

FOr  Teens

An upscale kids hair salon in the village of Ridgewood

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Teens can enjoy our "teen room" that has a big screen TV fully equipped with Xbox one to play video games.

Let your child sit back and relax in our cute hair cutting chairs. We have a taxi for the city kid, a bright red fire truck, a choo choo train and a super police car. All stations are fully equipped with televisions and Netflix to help keep your child's experience amazing!

Our salon provides an adult room for children that would like the comfort of sitting with their parents while getting a haircut. It is also used for adult hairstyling. Our adult room is fully equipped with tv's, Netflix, and XBOX ONE for entertainment. 


Business Hours:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10-6

Wednesday: 10-6

Thursday: 11-7

Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 9-6

Sunday: 9-1

(201) 612-7477