‚ÄčWe are excited to inform you that snips for pips is now open.

It is imperative for us to practice all of the necessary safety protocols to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible. Listed below is an outline of some of the things we are implementing to provide optimal safety protocols during the pandemic:

We have modified, cleared, and reduced some of our stations in order to create more space to achieve distance of 6 feet between individuals.

Appointment times has been spaced to allow adequate time to clean and disinfect items after each use and in between clients.

Masks/face coverings are required for all employees, adults and kids over 2 years of age in the hair salon at all times.

Conduct health assessments of clients and employees when entering the salon, which includes forehead temperature check. Anyone with a temperature exceeding 100.4 F or any other COVID-19 symptoms will be refused and rescheduled.

Only one adult can be accompanied with a child.

Disposable capes will be used. We recommend parents to bring an extra shirt for children.

There will be no blow drying as it could circulate the germs in the air.

Objects that may be difficult to disinfect, such as magazines, lollipops, and loose toys will be removed. 

We will send you a text 15 minutes before your appointment. When arrived, please reply to our text and remain outside, until we send you a second text to come inside.

We ask for your patience. 

Thank you and stay safe.